Buddhism is concerned with the habits that drive many of our actions, and how we can improve our lives by understanding and changing them. Many of these methods have much in common with secular approaches even when framed somewhat differently, and you don’t have to be a Buddhist to apply many of these “skillful means.” This 7-session workshop will help participants identify habits that are troublesome, learn more about universal laws of habit change, and develop their own step-by-step program for working on a specific habit.

Course leader Lama Nancy Burks will use The Power of Habit by James Duhigg as a basis for modern research about habit formation and change as well as applications at home and in business. (This is not a book study and purchase of the book is not required.) Participants will discuss their progress in an in-person, confidential group setting, and Lama Nancy will also be available for individual discussion if desired.

Workshop goals:
Participants will learn about the theory and practice of habit change. They will then pick a habit to work on, develop a plan for habit change and implement it, assess their progress and learn to troubleshoot obstacles, receive nonjudgmental input and support, and at the end of the course be able to continue the change process on their own.

The workshop will meet twice monthly on Saturday from 12 noon-1 pm, on May 25, June 8 & 22, July 13 & 27, and August 10 & 24.

This workshop is available in-person only.