Learn how to use your senses to deepen your meditation practice. Khenpo Chophel will lead this walk and provide instructions.

Date: August 18th (Rain date August 25th)

Time: 1:00-2:30pm

Location: Nichols Arboretum (meet at 1610 Washington Heights entrance)

We are delighted to invite you to a unique and enriching experience on August 18th: a hike combined with a meditation workshop focusing on using sense objects for meditation. This event will offer you the opportunity to connect deeply with nature and explore mindfulness through your senses.

Event Details:

1:00pm: Meet at the parking lot for introductions and a brief overview of the afternoon’s activities.

1:10pm: Begin our hike through the beautiful Nichols Arboretum, enjoying the serene surroundings and fresh air.

1:30pm: Pause for a guided meditation session, where we will learn to use sense objects such as sounds, smells, sights, and tactile sensations to deepen our practice.

2:00pm: Continue our hike, incorporating the techniques we’ve learned to remain mindful and present.

2:20pm: Gather for a closing circle to share experiences, reflections, and insights.

2:30pm: Return to the parking lot and conclude our event.

What to Bring:

Comfortable hiking shoes

A water bottle

A small blanket or mat for sitting during meditation

An open mind and a willingness to explore




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